• RVs

    Installing laminate floors in my motorhome

    Today I am installing laminate flooring in my motorhome. I bought 4 boxes of laminate from Costco and some moisture barrier from Home Depot…just a 6 mil thick sheet of black plastic sheeting. We chose a light shade of laminate called “Golden Aspen” from Harmonics Flooring.

  • Computers,  RVs

    laptop GPS navigation

    So I wanna use a laptop for GPS navigation in my motorhome. Frankly it will be ‘supplemental GPS navigation’. The primary navigation tasks will be handled by a Garmin GPS. The laptop will be used for route planning. I plan to use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 on this laptop. When you are driving a huge motorhome you need to worry about bridge clearances, propane restrictions etc etc. Also the big screen on the laptop would sure be useful. yesterday I bought a USB GPS receiver for it. It is a GlobalSate BU-353 USB GPS Receiver. I heard good things about it. Once it arrives, I will post my review…

  • Computers

    SSD for an older laptop?

    I am considering buying an SSD for a old laptop. We still use the laptop. it works fine as a web browsing machine. I also want to use it for navigating in my motor home. I think having a mechanical drive in a laptop being used in a moving vehicle may kill the HDD prematurely. Hence the SSD idea.

  • Gardening

    Starting annuals from seed

    So yesterday night, I started planting some of the seeds. I know it is a little too late now. The frost date in my area is around the end of April. Here is a quick online tool to find out your frost date. So from today we have around 7 weeks left. I have planted: Petunia Shock wave Red [7-21 days] Impatiens Accent White Hybrid Impatiens pink [seeds harvested from our neighbor] Impatiens Shady Lady Tango [orange] Impatiens Accent Red Hybrid Pentas New Look Mix They say that we should start them 8-10 weeks before last frost. Hence should have planted around Feb 15th. These seeds were bought from Park Seed.