Awning lock?

So I was reading some horror stories about people’s awnings blowing away while moving. Seems like the brakes/locks on the awning fail to prevent the awning from unfurling while you are driving/ towing your RV. Scary?

Here is a solution [one of the many solutions]

I just placed an order. Once it comes in I will post a review.

laptop GPS navigation

So I wanna use a laptop for GPS navigation in my motorhome. Frankly it will be ‘supplemental GPS navigation’. The primary navigation tasks will be handled by a Garmin GPS.

The laptop will be used for route planning. I plan to use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 on this laptop. When you are driving a huge motorhome you need to worry about bridge clearances, propane restrictions etc etc.

Also the big screen on the laptop would sure be useful. yesterday I bought a USB GPS receiver for it. It is a GlobalSate BU-353 USB GPS Receiver. I heard good things about it. Once it arrives, I will post my review here.

more later…