• Motorcycles

    My second love!

    I LOVE motorcycles. But they are my second love. The first love is hi-fi stuff. Ever since I was able to drive I have owned some kind of motorcycle….be it a Vespa scooter or my current hooligan bike! I also have a vintage Russian sidecar hack. more on this later.

  • RVs

    Renovating my motorhome

    We recently bought a used motorhome. It is 10 years old and needs some renovation. Here are the changes I am planning: Change flooring Replace carpet Replace toilet Replace countertops in the kitchen and bathroom Replace faucets Replace the sofa covers Replace captain chair covers The plan is to rip out the old carpet and vinyl flooring in the living room and bathroom area and put in new laminate. We are going to leave carpet in the bedroom area and under driver and passenger seats. I am going to do the laminate installation myself and let the professionals do the carpet installation.

  • Cars

    Repairs on my ’98 Mercedes e320

    I used to have a 1998 Mercedes E320 Station Wagon. We bought it used a long time back. At that time it had around 98k miles on it. I has been driven cross crountry twice! A very reliable vehicle but age is showing on it now. At this point we have around 157k miles on it. Recently I have had a slew of items break down: