laptop GPS navigation

So I wanna use a laptop for GPS navigation in my motorhome. Frankly it will be ‘supplemental GPS navigation’. The primary navigation tasks will be handled by a Garmin GPS.

The laptop will be used for route planning. I plan to use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 on this laptop. When you are driving a huge motorhome you need to worry about bridge clearances, propane restrictions etc etc.

Also the big screen on the laptop would sure be useful. yesterday I bought a USB GPS receiver for it. It is a GlobalSate BU-353 USB GPS Receiver. I heard good things about it. Once it arrives, I will post my review here.

more later…

Windows Media Center build checklist

Here is how I configure Windows Media Center on my HTPC:

  1. Default install of Windows 7
  2. Install all relevant drivers.
  3. Install all current updates and service packs, if any.
  4. Install Power DVD
  5. Install Virtual Clone Drive
  6. Install Media Browser
  7. Install Any DVD