Cleaning RV shades

So when we bought our motorhome it was already 10 years old. The window shades are pretty dirty. We looked at the replacement costs and found out that custom made shades would cost us over 500 bucks! It has 5 windows.

The shades themselves are in OK shape. There had to be a way to clean them.

So I searched the forums and found someone recommending a rather strange sounding website – http://dirtyblindman.com┬áPeople were talking good things about Tom, the guy who runs this site. Seems like people get stuff from him to repair their broken blinds.

Interestingly there was a product on his site which promises to clean old blinds safely. Safely means not ripping them or taking out the ‘pleats’ as would have happened if I’d have tried to steam clean them.

So I talked to Tom and he is sending me a spray can of the cleaning solution. Once it comes in I will try it out and post a review here!

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