How to reset password on Solaris’ ALOM

So I inherited a bunch of old Sun Solaris T2000 boxes. They have ALOM on them, cool! but how do I access it over the network? Neither do I know the IP address configured for the ALOM network interfaces, nor do I know the password.

Here is how to reset ALOM’s parameters and start fresh.

Note: before you start fresh you may want to try the default username and password combo on the ALOM prompt via a serial connection.

username: admin

password : last 8 digits of the server serial number

In my case this was not last 8 digits, it was something else. So I really needed to reset ALOM. Here is how:

  1. Connect to the serial management port.
  2. Unplug power to the server, then connect power.
  3. Press the Escape key during ALOM boot right after connecting power.
  4. The ALOM boot escape menu is shown
  5. Choose e to erase NVRAM
  6. Choose r to reset ALOM
  7. Set ALOM parameters by running the command setupsc
  8. Reboot by using resetsc command
  9. Now you can logon to the IP address you set in ALOM using SSH [think Putty]
  10. enter your credentials
  11. type poweron command to boot the server
  12. type console –f to connect to the server console from the system console
  13. That’s it!
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