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Hyper-V 2012 cluster installation troubleshooting

While installing a Hyper-V 2012 cluster I ran into some trouble. The cluster got installed successfully but a few things did not work properly.

Live migration problems:

Live migration does not work…well…sometimes. Sometimes it does work. So it behaves intermittently. I started a thread about it here.

CSV not visible on all nodes.

When using VMM console, the 2 CSVs I created are not available for placement of new or migrated VMs on all 3 nodes clusters in the cluster. Interestingly the CSV mount point under c:\ClusterStorage\VolumeX is visible on all nodes.

Witness disk is visible on all nodes.

Here are the steps I took towards solving the problem:

VMM issues:

I have SC VMM 2012 SP1 on a VM running inside one of the hosts in the cluster. I had the VMM installed and running before I created the cluster. I have since come to the conclusion that this is not a good idea…I mean to have VMM managing the host on which it is running.

I think it is best to have VMM on a separate physical server.

I am shutting down the VMM server on the VM and installing a new physical server.

Created a cluster network

I used the tool “Failover cluster manager” to initially create a 2 node cluster. Afterwards I added the cluster to VMM. Then using VMM I added another node to end up with a 3 node cluster.

While creating the cluster it did not give me any error about not having a dedicated physical network for cluster communication. I guess that is because a few days back, using VMM, I  had created a “backend” virtual network. Maybe the cluster used this for the cluster network.

Anyway, I connected a NIC on each node to an network switch which is not connected to anything else. I set a network IP address on each node for this NIC. This now is the isolated cluster network.

Evicted one node

I evicted one node from the cluster for testing purposes. Maybe if I re-add it using the Failover cluster manager it will be able to see the CSVs.

Used failover cluster manager to create a new VM on a CSV

This worked without a hitch, I was able to choose C:\ClusterStorage\vol2 and create a run a VM on that CSV. I notice that:

  1. The CSV shows up an an online disk only on the cluster node which is managing is (or is the owner of that CSV). If you change the owner of that CSV to another node, the CSV disk will go offline on this node. However both nodes can still access the CSV via C:\ClusterStorage\vol2
  2. You cannot map a drive to C$ and try to view the contents of C:\ClusterStorage\vol2. There will NOT be any error but the content of that directory will be blank. You can RDC to the hyper-V machine and view the contents of that directory successfully.


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