Quick setup guide to Remote Desktop Services on Server 2008 R2

First, why am I using 2008 R2 in year 2014? Well, because some of our applications are not supported on 2012 R2 and I cannot mix and match 2008 with 2012 in a RDS farm.

So here is the quick and dirty guide (no VDI, yet):

Here are the servers you need:

  • RD gateway + RD web access (in DMZ)

This provides web access to RDS on the public internet.

  • RD Connection broker (in internal network)

This routes everything. I am going to install the RD license server role on this one as well.

  • RD Session Host (in internal network)

This is the actual terminal server where applications are installed

Once you have all these three servers in place, install the appropriate roles in them. I will just give a cheat sheet of things you need to do to make it all work.

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