Awning lock?

So I was reading some horror stories about people’s awnings blowing away while moving. Seems like the brakes/locks on the awning fail to prevent the awning from unfurling while you are driving/ towing your RV. Scary?

Here is a solution [one of the many solutions]

I just placed an order. Once it comes in I will post a review.

Renovating my motorhome

We recently bought a used motorhome. It is 10 years old and needs some renovation. Here are the changes I am planning:

  • Change flooring
  • Replace carpet
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace countertops in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Replace faucets
  • Replace the sofa covers
  • Replace captain chair covers

The plan is to rip out the old carpet and vinyl flooring in the living room and bathroom area and put in new laminate. We are going to leave carpet in the bedroom area and under driver and passenger seats. I am going to do the laminate installation myself and let the professionals do the carpet installation.

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