SQL Server for SCCM 2012

During my testing of SCCM 2012, I determined that it needs a specific configuration of SQL server. This post tells you what needs to be done. I have a SQL server 2008 instance already installed for use with SCCM 2007. I was hoping I could use the same VM for SCCM 2012 testing. This post is in reference to that VM.

Check out the official SQL server requirements list. Out of this I am listing my own experiences here:

1. Database collation:

My SQL server has SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

I also checked a few other DB servers, they already have the Database collation required by SCCM 2012 installed by default. So I did not have to change anything.

2. SQL Server features

I did not check on this. I guess Database Engine Services is already there … Hey the DB works, so gotta be there, right!

3. Windows Authentication

I checked the server properties inside SQL server management console. Server authentication was already set to “Windows Authentication Mode”

4. SQL Server instance

Now this is something I am having trouble with. Why need a dedicated instance? I searched for some time on the ‘net but could not find any answer. Everyone just says that SCCM2012 needs a dedicated instance……but why does it need a dedicated instance?

5. SQL Server memory

Wow 8 GB for SQL server! I don’t have any VM which I can assign 8GB to. This will surely be a problem.

I came across this blog post about the same topic as my post here. There are some interesting configurations of SQL Server Communication Ports there. Following that post I change my SQL Server to use static ports.

I also added the computer account of my new SCCM server to the logins inside Security >> Logins in SQL Management Studio.  My domain admin account was already there. I just needed to add the new SCCM server’s computer account. It has to be manually typed in the following syntax:



I am going to try using the existing SQL server instance with SCCM 2012 and see what happens.


Installing SCCM 2012

Here are my notes for installing SCCM 2012:

I have already been using SCCM 2007 for a couple of years now. It has been working fine. Now SCCM 2012 has come out so we have to upgrade. Note that my domain controllers are still Windows 2003 R2 SP2.

I am following this very useful website which describes how to do an SCCM 2012 install.

My running commentary as I go through the steps described in the web-page above.

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