Watch those heating pads!

If you use a heating pad for starting seeds, you need to keep a watch at the temperature of the soil. I measured over 90F in the center of the tray and over 84F at the corners. This is with the plastic dome on and the shop lights switched on. I used a “instant read” type meat thermometer from the kitchen drawers 😉

Of course this temperature is too hot and this is probably why my impatiens seeds are not germinating.

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Bad luck with Impatiens

Looks like it is going to be last last year again. 🙁

Well it has been 20 days since I planted a batch of seeds. It has the bottom heater, lights, dome, everything they need……….still out of the the 72 “coins” nothing has sprouted….not even one! I guess I should check the temperature with a thermometer. I bet they are too warm.

check out an update which I posted later

Planted more seeds today

Planted these annuals today:

  1. Marigold
  2. Shasta Daisy [10-20 days]
  3. Snapdragon [7-30 days]
  4. Petunia Horizon Yellow [7-21 days]
  5. Petunia Dolcissima Fragolino [7-21 days]
  6. Petunia Wave Hybrid [7-21 days]

These were planted peat ‘coins’ and with a heater mat under them. The whole thing is a Jiffy greenhouse pro.


Starting annuals from seed

So yesterday night, I started planting some of the seeds. I know it is a little too late now. The frost date in my area is around the end of April. Here is a quick online tool to find out your frost date. So from today we have around 7 weeks left. I have planted:

  • Petunia Shock wave Red [7-21 days]
  • Impatiens Accent White Hybrid
  • Impatiens pink [seeds harvested from our neighbor]
  • Impatiens Shady Lady Tango [orange]
  • Impatiens Accent Red Hybrid
  • Pentas New Look Mix

They say that we should start them 8-10 weeks before last frost. Hence should have planted around Feb 15th. These seeds were bought from Park Seed.