Create clone of running VM using VMM

Do you know that System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) lets you create an identical clone of a running VM?

Yes! you do not even have to shut down a VM . How cool is that!

Just remember:

1) While going through the cloning process wizard in VMM, choose to leave the NIC disconnected

If you do not leave the NIC connected, you will have duplicate IP addresses on the network, when the cloned VM boots up.

2) After the cloning process completes, remember to run sysprep.

Yes, there have been some reports that VMM runs sysprep when it creates a clone, but I have confirmed myself (using psgetsid utility) that the clone and the original have the same SID and have the same hostname. They are virtually identical. So, you MUST run sysprep.

Setting a static IP using powershell

Here is a quick way to set your IP address to a static value:

$NICs = Get-WMIObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -computername . | where{$_.IPEnabled -eq $true -and $_.DHCPEnabled -eq $true} 
Foreach($NIC in $NICs) { 
    $ip = ""
    $gateway = ""
    $subnet = ""
    $dns = "",""
    $NIC.EnableStatic($ip, $subnet) 
IPConfig /all

Credits: Original script taken from here

Use SkyDrive to fetch a PC’s files

I just found out a very cool feature of SkyDrive in Windows Live Essentials 2012. You can use it to connect to your PC remotely and fetch files in it even if you have not saved those files in the SkyDrive. Cool, eh?

Would be very useful if you forgot to get a file from your home PC while at work or vice versa.

Here is how to set it up:

Set up a PC to fetch its files