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Fix “missing” VM status in VMM

OK so here is a tricky problem with an easy fix.

Sometimes, in SC VMM 2012 some of my VMs are shown as “missing”. I cannot do anything to them using VMM. An easy fix is to fire up FCM (Failover Cluster Manager) and live migrate or quick migrate the VM (depending upon whether the VM is running or not). After that VMM will immediately refresh the VMs state to the correct one….stopped or running.






  • Pete

    I just wanted to chime in and say thank you very much, coming out of a weird cluster crash just now, and after a big success of getting the hosts back up was met with this issue, definitely fixed it right away for me, on SCVMM 2012 R2

  • Craig

    Just a note in my case. We have 2 nodes in our cluster which host 5 SQL instances and about 20 storage resources.

    Although it is not known why one of our nodes was failed over to another host… it turned out that the host it failed to did not have access to the storage resources and thus the VM was running but the status was “missing”.

    we had to live migrate using FCM back to the node it was originally on in order to resume our SQL instances which were dependent on the storage resources.

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