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SQL Server for SCCM 2012

During my testing of SCCM 2012, I determined that it needs a specific configuration of SQL server. This post tells you what needs to be done. I have a SQL server 2008 instance already installed for use with SCCM 2007. I was hoping I could use the same VM for SCCM 2012 testing. This post is in reference to that VM.

Check out the official SQL server requirements list. Out of this I am listing my own experiences here:

1. Database collation:

My SQL server has SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

I also checked a few other DB servers, they already have the Database collation required by SCCM 2012 installed by default. So I did not have to change anything.

2. SQL Server features

I did not check on this. I guess Database Engine Services is already there … Hey the DB works, so gotta be there, right!

3. Windows Authentication

I checked the server properties inside SQL server management console. Server authentication was already set to “Windows Authentication Mode”

4. SQL Server instance

Now this is something I am having trouble with. Why need a dedicated instance? I searched for some time on the ‘net but could not find any answer. Everyone just says that SCCM2012 needs a dedicated instance……but why does it need a dedicated instance?

5. SQL Server memory

Wow 8 GB for SQL server! I don’t have any VM which I can assign 8GB to. This will surely be a problem.

I came across this blog post about the same topic as my post here. There are some interesting configurations of SQL Server Communication Ports there. Following that post I change my SQL Server to use static ports.

I also added the computer account of my new SCCM server to the logins inside Security >> Logins in SQL Management Studio.  My domain admin account was already there. I just needed to add the new SCCM server’s computer account. It has to be manually typed in the following syntax:



I am going to try using the existing SQL server instance with SCCM 2012 and see what happens.


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