Installing laminate floors in my motorhome

Today I am installing laminate flooring in my motorhome. I bought 4 boxes of laminate from Costco and some moisture barrier from Home Depot…just a 6 mil thick sheet of black plastic sheeting. We chose a light shade of laminate called “Golden Aspen” from Harmonics Flooring.

The light shade of this wood helps mask dust. This is very important in a RV. I have installed cherry colored laminate from the same company in my townhouse. It sure looks VERY nice but we notice that the dark color shows dust a lot. We also liked the [relatively speaking] lack of too much grain in Cherry. I never liked the grain of Oak… way too much grainy.

I went to Lowes and they had a very nice Maple finish laminate. I placed an order for it but somehow it got discontinued :-(

Anyway, today I started installed it in the morning. First I removed the jacknife sofa and ripped out all the old carpet and Vinyl. Then I cleaned the subfloor and removed all this tiny staples. I was a little surprised that motorhomes are also built like regular stick built homes [well, almost]. It made it rather easy for us DIYers to work on these things. Anyway here is what it looked like stripped down to subflooring.

Now I put down a sheet of moisture barrier and starting installing the laminate.

It was pretty easy until I hit the bathroom area. That involved lots of cardboard templates and re-cutting. Eventually the bathroom looks like this:

The stairs were also a challenge. The stripping out part was easy, just yank out the carpet!  However the walls were made of metal.

That required some liquid nails [adhesive] on the back of the laminate. This part too took a lot of time. I still have to install the molding and stair nosing. I placed an order and maybe will arrive by the weekend. After that I will post some more photos.


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