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Convert vhdx to vhd

Hyper-V manager has a quick tool to convert Hyper-V’s vhdx format to vhd format. It is available in the actions pane called “edit disk”. Among the various options there is one which will let you convert the vhdx to vhd format.

There is also a PowerShell cmdlet which is reported to do the same thing.

By the way, I am trying this conversion to see if I will be able to import a VM from Hyper-V to VMware. Result: Nope, it does not work Sad smile At the time of importing, VMware client throws up an error.

So I am wondering why would one want to do the vhdx to vhd conversion anyway? Maybe if you want to send a Hyper-V 2012 VM to someone who has Hyper-V 2008.


  • tshary

    i am trying to use a 2012 hyper-v vm in a 2008 hyper-v, but the problem is that the version of hyper v is different and thus it doesnt see my hyper-v hdd. is there a way i can convert from vhdx format to vhd so i can work with it on server 2008?

  • Rajeev

    @tshary : yes, you can use a 2012 VM on 2008. Just convert the vhdx to vhd. This has been described in my post above (read the first paragraph).

    Are you saying that even after converting the vhdx to vhd , you are having trouble?

  • Lucia

    Virtual Hard Disks are the format used by Virtualization sowtafre Hyper-V or Virtual PC. Microsoft has said that they will inform more about how Windows 8 natively support VHD. Previously we wrote how to install Windows 8 using Virtulization, you might be interested to read it .

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