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P2V of server having GPT disks

Ok so I ran into a problem while doing P2V to Xenserver.

We have a few servers which have a UEFI BIOS, Their disks are configured as GPT. I have tried these two tools to do a P2V but have been unsuccessful:

1. Citrix’s Xenconverter and
2. VMware’s vCenter Converter

Then someone from our datacenter pointed me to a nice little tool called p2vlite. I ran this tool on the physical server which had the GPT disks and created VHD files on an external USB drive.

Then I imported the VHDs into Xencenter. Upon booting the VM it constantly kept rebooting [asking for a reboot].

I booted from the Server 2008 installation DVD ISO image and chose the “Repair your computer” option >> Next>> then chose “command prompt”, then ran  “x:\sources\recovery\StartRep.exe”

That ran and fixed all issues and the VM worked fine after that. Yahoo!

Upon first logon I see the VM detects new hardware:


After that I upgraded the Hyper-V integration services. and boom…done! Smile

I see a comment below saying that it did not work until he did some other stuff….I again tried P2Ving 2 more VMs with GPT disks today…I used the same procedure as above and it again worked fine. No registry editing was needed.


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