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Quick setup guide to Remote Desktop Services on Server 2008 R2

First, why am I using 2008 R2 in year 2014? Well, because some of our applications are not supported on 2012 R2 and I cannot mix and match 2008 with 2012 in a RDS farm.

So here is the quick and dirty guide (no VDI, yet):

Here are the servers you need:

  • RD gateway + RD web access (in DMZ)

This provides web access to RDS on the public internet.

  • RD Connection broker (in internal network)

This routes everything. I am going to install the RD license server role on this one as well.

  • RD Session Host (in internal network)

This is the actual terminal server where applications are installed

Once you have all these three servers in place, install the appropriate roles in them. I will just give a cheat sheet of things you need to do to make it all work.

On the RD Session Host Server (RDSH):

Add the RDCB server to the “TS Web Access Computers” group.

On the RD Connection broker (RDCB):

(note that at this point I already have RDSH and RDGateway server in place)

Add the RD web access computer name to the “TS Web Access Computers” group. Now start RD connection manager and click on “Add” next to RD web access servers. Make sure your RD web server is listed there.

The RDSH server needs to be added to the RDCB. In the RD connection manager right click on the RemoteApp Sources and click on “Add RemoteApp Source”. Type your RDSH server name in there.

On the RD Gateway (RDGW):

??? under construction ???

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