Watch those heating pads!

If you use a heating pad for starting seeds, you need to keep a watch at the temperature of the soil. I measured over 90F in the center of the tray and over 84F at the corners. This is with the plastic dome on and the shop lights switched on. I used a “instant read” type meat thermometer from the kitchen drawers 😉

Of course this temperature is too hot and this is probably why my impatiens seeds are not germinating.

I turned off the heating pad and tool the temperature the next day [letting the temperatures stabilize]. It was around 75F with the lights on. I this that this temp is better for germination. The interesting thing is that my other flat had a batch of petunias which germinated just fine. Maybe impatiens need a little cooler temperature.

Anyway, lets see if the impatiens seeds will germinate now or not. I hope I did not kill them!

 Update: 5/4/2012:

Well nothing has germinated till date, hence I can safely say that unfortunately, I killed those seeds! Well, that sucks!

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