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Webmin makes a sys-admin’s life easier

I find webmin to be very useful on the Linux OS. This makes my life easier, especially if you have very little linux experience. Here is how to install it manually:

  1. Use Putty to SSH to your vm
  2. Logon as root/root and run these commands:


a. The path where wget resides may be different in your server.

b. Download the latest version of webmin.

cd /root
gunzip webmin-1.480.tar.gz
tar xf webmin-1.480.tar
cd webmin-1.480
sudo ./ /usr/local/webmin


  1. A setup program runs now. Basically I accepted all options as default (just keep pressing enter!)
  2. At one point it will ask for a username and password. I left the username as admin and entered a password (twice)
  3. I also allowed it to start webmin at system startup.
  4. Press y and enter
  5. That’s it!

Note: I use the tar file (NOT the deb file for webmin for Debian Linux). I wasted a few hrs trying to fix the dependencies. Then I broke down and used the tar. Works fine! No issues

Now go to http://server-name:10000 and logon with the name and password you entered previously.

Note: I am using an old version of webmin here. I have seen that new versions of webmin dont work properly on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server. However I have not tried the very latest one yet [version 1.550]

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